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Sam Hague

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I have read through ovsdb / openstack (helium), but I have issues
identifiying the actual ovs port creation.

Following from PortHandler.neutronPortCreated the only output I found is flow
programming related. But what I want to see is where ovs ports are created
through ovsdb.

To be more specific I would like to see the part where the ovs ports and ovs
interfaces are created by ovsdb, which are attached to tap devices to enable
connectivity to VM instances in an openstack environment.

the ovsdb project will only add patch and tunnel ports as needed. The VM ports are added via the libvirt agent on the openstack compute nodes. The flow is like this:

Network creation:
1. User creates a network via openstack
2. neutron agents add ports to bridges for routers and dhcp namespaces - these are the tap ports you mention above
3. neutron and ovsdb port updates go to odl
4. neutron events passed to odl ovsdb project - not much happens here
5. ovsdb port events go directly to the odl ovsdb
6. odl ovsdb will relate the neutron events to the ovsdb events and build tunnels and push flows as needed.

VM Creation:
1. User creates VM's via openstack
2. nova calls libvirt to create VM
3. libvirt calls will allocate VM ports and add them to the br-int - these are the tap ports you mention above
4. Same as 3-6 above.

I assume that the opendaylight.neutron bundle itself is only responsible for
the northbound API to the neutron ml2 plugin and opendaylight.ovsdb does all
the work regarding to ovs.
yes, odl.neutron receives the incoming neutron rest APIs. And then effectively passes them through to odl.ovsdb to do the work.

Thank you

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