Re: [openflowplugin-dev] How can we fix multiple masters issue better for openflowplugin?

Abhijit Kumbhare


This is a good topic - and OpenFlow plugin will likely be a good place for this. Are you planning to work on this? Why don't you join the next OpenFlow plugin meeting (at least for part of the meeting) to discuss more?

As you mention probably some kind of a flow conflict detection and resolution module is needed.


On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 8:24 PM, Yang, Yi Y <yi.y.yang@...> wrote:

Hi, All


Maybe some of you know several projects in ODL have implemented their own openflow writers for programming openflow rules, the end part of the mail are some info I collected. My question is how they work together if we install all of them? Every writer will create table 0, can it work normally? How can we fix it if not? The most important issue is they are duplicating efforts, what if we can provide a good middle layer in openflowplugin or in a separate project in order that all the operations are synchronized and coordinated? I kick off this discussion here is to let all the developers discuss it in open mind.


I think we can consolidate these unnecessary duplicate efforts into a separate project or part of openflowplugin, it is very necessary to provide only one entry to program openflow tables and rules, these operations must be efficiently synchronized and managed and coordinated, the direct benefits are as below:


1.       Fix table conflict

2.       Reduce number of tables: all the user scenarios have ingress and egress tables although they have different names or purposes

3.       Fix multiple master/writer synchronization

4.       Provide high level APIs for simplifying use for consumers

5.       Optimization will be visible for all the users (APIs consumers)

6.       Openflowplugin evolution or update will be invisible for all the users (API consumers)

7.       You can list more items here if you can imagine J


Welcome your great ideas and look forward to seeing we can bear fruit.




Table 0: Port Security, Ingress

Table 1: Ingress NAT Mapper

Table 2: Source Mapper

Table 3: Destination Mapper

Table 4: Policy Enforcer

Table 5: Egress NAT Mapper

Table 6: External Mapper





Table 0, Transport Ingress

Table 1, Path Mapper

Table 2, Next Hop

Table 10, Transport Egress


OVSDB Netvirt


Table 0: Classifier

Table 10: Director

Table 20: Distributed ARP Responder

Table 30: DNAT for inbound floating-ip traffic

Table 40: Egress Acces-control

Table 50: Distributed LBaaS

Table 60: Distributed Virtual Routing (DVR)

Table 70: Layer 3 forwarding/lookup service

Table 80: Layer2 rewrite service

Table 90: Ingress Acces-control

Table 100: SNAT for traffic accessing external network

Table 110: Layer2 mac,vlan based forwarding

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