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Hi Michal,

     Thanks for the detailed explanation. The ODL_LOCAL_IP helped define interfaces as we needed.




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The local_ip attribute inside ovs configuration indicate the endpoint of vxlan tunnel on specific node. As you can see here [1]  value of this attribute is save inside $ODL_LOCAL_IP which is by default equal to HOST_IP: [2]. So when you define HOST_IP it will be used as a vxlan endpoint which cause that tunnel traffic will go through interface with this IP address assigned. You can overwrite this by explicit defining ODL_LOCAL_IP in your local.conf.
Here is an example of mine local.conf file: [3]





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Hi Vishal,


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                We forgot to mention a detail in our multi-node setup i.e., the overlay used is VxLan (Q_ML2_TENANT_NETWORK_TYPE=vxlan) . When I checked about ODL_PROVIDER_MAPPINGS, it works only with VLAN type of tenant network.

                How do we attach a physical  interface for a vxlan type of tenant network?






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Hi Badri,

Try this: `ODL_PROVIDER_MAPPINGS=physnet1:eth1`


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Subject: [ovsdb-dev] DevStack-opendaylight on a multi-node setup

Hi All,
   We are trying to setup a multi-node devstack setup with opendaylight ML2 plugin. 

The local.conf, we use with devstack does not have an option  to specify the tenant physical interfaces. It only has options for specifying the management IP address ( and by extension the eth0 ) and the external network ( eth2 ).

Can you please help
1)      How to specify tenant network ( VM data network) to be setup only on eth1 of the compute nodes. ?
2)      If possible, share the local.conf, that you might have used with your devstack on a similar topology, specifying the physical interfaces. 


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