Re: [OpenDaylight Discuss] TWS - call for topics

Lori Jakab <lojakab@...>

Hi Keith,

On 8/2/15 8:19 AM, alagalah wrote:
We are sans agenda for the TWS.

There were a lot of interesting topics at the Summit, so I would
*think* there’d be a lot of follow on topics. I’ll try and add the
relevant –dev lists to my suggestions, hoping it hits the right email

Suggested topics for Aug3 (doesn’t have to be polished, can bounce
around between content, just looking to spark conversation).

* Overlay with LISP
o Overview of LISP components implemented, how they could be
Thanks for bringing this up. I'll be on a plane at the time of the Aug3
TWS though, so if you guys don't terribly mind, I'd love to see this
discussion (and possibly the pipeline co-existance) happen in a later TWS.


* OF Table Type Patterns (TTP) update
o where is the industry? Adoption?
* In-project documentation and format
o any readout from the session, overview from the session for
those that missed it.
* Pipeline co-existance
o Recap of the issue
o Tentatively narrow scope to OVS?
* Clustering
o There were quite a few sessions, any concrete outcomes?

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