Re: Openstack-ODL integration - stacking issues with pbr

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On 08/14/2015 12:15 PM, Flavio Fernandes wrote:

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On 08/13/2015 02:46 PM, Flavio Fernandes wrote:

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Looking at the logs in the email thread:

2015-08-05 14:59:53.160 | Download error on [Errno 110] Connection
timed out -- Some packages may not be found! 2015-08-05
15:02:00.392 | Download error on [Errno 110] Connection timed
out -- Some packages may not be found! 2015-08-05
15:02:00.392 | No local packages or download links found for

So why can't your machine download the satisfying pbr
version? It's available on pypi, so assuming you fix the
download error, I think it should proceed.

That is the issue. This happens because OFFLINE=True and
there is still something in pbr requirements that is
looking for a version of pbr that is not used in

I suspect this is happening because stable/kilo branch in
networking-odl was created ‘late’ and the new version of
pbr was added as part of liberty?!?

So, to easily reproduce this issue: 1) stack with
devstack+networking-odl on stable/kilo; 2) untack; 3)
change OFFLINE=True and 4) attempt to stack again.

Are your repo [test-]requirements.txt synchronized with neutron's
kilo requirements? They should, otherwise it won't be ever

They do not for requirements.txt:

$ diff requirements.txt.neutron requirements.txt.networking-odl |
grep pbr < pbr!=0.7,<1.0,>=0.6
$ diff test-requirements.txt.neutron
test-requirements.txt.networking-odl | grep pbr $

So that's a problem. You don't even have a common pbr version that
would satisfy both projects.


If you look closely, that is what is changed in the abandoned
gerrit [1]. Maybe the right thing to do is to re-visit that
gerrit and make sure the requirement.txt files are inline?!?

The fix is obvious: make stable/kilo requirements in your repo
synchronized with what is in stable/kilo for neutron. Same for all
other branches.

Openstack requirements proposal bot can help you maintain the lists
synchronized. To make sure your repo gets updates from the bot, add it
in projects.txt in openstack/requirements repo (in master and in

It is ironic reading this… and then looking at the ‘owner' of the commit that caused
all this mess [1].

That aside; I have very little experience on that… some one else’s help to take care
of this would be greatly appreciated. 

Anybody of for that task?


— flavio

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