Re: devstack-ODL and the default 'private' network

Anil Vishnoi

Hi Eric,

Did you try to to use "dhclient ethX" on the VM or if you are using cirros image use "udhclient ethX"? It will send the dhcp request again to get the ip address. If this works, then it's probably a timing issue, where VM sends the dhcp request before net-virt actually set up the rule. But if this fails, it means some issue with the flow installation. 

There are few issues with the "private network" that devstack creates while stacking. Mainly because controller is not up and ready to take neutron request, but devstack create the network/subnet/vm before that and hence controller never do the flow installation.


On Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 1:59 AM, Multanen, Eric W <eric.w.multanen@...> wrote:

I’ve been noticing, when using Netvirt, that the Openflow connectivity to the ‘private’ network created by devstack is typically (always?) not set up completely.

As a result, VMs instantiated on the ‘private’ network don’t get IP addresses.  Usually, I can get in on the VMs console and assign the IP and then the VM will work (i.e. communicate with other VMs that have been fixed).


If a new tenant network is created, things are fine.


Is this an issue others have noticed?






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