splitting out netvirt from ovsdb?

Colin Dixon <colin@...>

If you want OVSDB netvirt to be a stable feature in Beryllium, it will have to spin out as it's own project (proposed on or before 10/1/2015) and move to mature.

Long version:
Hey guys. I wanted to revisit this for a second because it might be relevant soon.

As you may or may not know, in Beryllium we're trying to encourage projects to move to being mature and having stable features [0]. I don't know if you plan to do that, but if you do, there's a requirement that a stable feature be within the scope of the project.

I think the netvirt half of OVSDB is technically out of the scope in the original proposal:

None of this matters unless you're planning to make the netvirt part a stable feature, but if you are (and that might be a good idea, we can talk), then you'd either have to change the scope of OVSDB or split netvirt out into it's own project.

Changing the scope of OVSDB is out for Beryllium becouse it's supposed to be done by M1 per the process [1] agreed upon at the TSC last week [2].

So, otherwise, you'd have to spin out the netvirt part. That would have be spun out by M3 and would require a new project proposal with a two week public review. The offset 2 M3 deadline is by 10/15, so the proposal would need to be posted by 10/1.

Anyway, I know this is a lot of content, but I wanted to give you some lead time and explain thing.


[0] https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Simultaneous_Release:Beryllium_Release_Plan#Definitions
[1] https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2015-July/003500.html
[2] https://meetings.opendaylight.org/opendaylight-meeting/2015/tsc/opendaylight-meeting-tsc.2015-08-20-17.00.html

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