Re: hwvtep high level control flow

daya k

From: daya kamath <daya_k@...>
To: Sam Hague <shague86@...>; Anil Vishnoi <vishnoianil@...>; Andre Fredette <afredette@...>; Ravindra Kenchappa <ravindra.kenchappa@...>; Ovsdb-dev <ovsdb-dev@...>
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2015 5:39 PM
Subject: hwvtep high level control flow

here's a first draft of how the control flow to incorporate hwvtep into netvirt.
sam, unfortunately, out of force of habit i started in ppt, and when i copied it to google, it got pasted as a picture.
attaching to this email also, i can incorporate comments and update, or re-do it so its editable, when i have some more time.


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