Re: [openflowplugin-dev] VM available at OpenDaylight

Madhu Venugopal

Hi Luis, Andy,

The ovsdb team requested for a VM with mininet as well few weeks back :-)
Is it possible to allocate 1 to perform the integration test for ovsdb ?
We dont necessarily need CPqD, But will work never-the-less.


On 1/15/14, 8:51 PM, Luis Gomez wrote:

Hi all,


We have a VM with mininet 2.1.0 and OVS 2.0.0 in the Integration test bed available for OF plugin testing. Couple of things now:


1) Please send the latest version of the Python script (for OVS) to Madhusudhan so we can run it in our Lab and work in the implementation at ODL.


2) The Linux admin (Andy) cannot use the mininet script on his RHEL managed system so he will need some help (maybe Prasanna you know someone) to intall CPqD without using this script. BTW, do you have already a version of the Python test script that works with CPqD?




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