Re: OVSDB clustering needs from mdsal

Sharon Aicler

Hi Anil,
Sorry, I meant "will each of the nodes write to the operational data store?" If ovsdb is connected to all the nodes, each will get the ovsdb notification and do a write transaction to the operational for the same data?

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Logically there is only one Operational/Config data store for all the nodes in the cluster. As of now persistence of operational data store is disabled, it only persist config data store.

On Wednesday 02 September 2015 05:48 AM, Sharon Aicler (saichler) wrote:
Not sure how is it implemented now, if i have a N nodes cluster and the ovsdb is connected to each of the N nodes, does each node in the N cluster persist the operational data to the Data Store?

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I think the only dependency from clustering perspective is controller project. Apart from that we don't have any specific dependency i believe.


On Tuesday 01 September 2015 05:35 PM, Sam Hague wrote:

are there any specific changes needed by OVSDB for clustering from MDSAL?

Trying to get the formal dependencies request in before this Thursday's M2 deadline.

Thanks, Sam

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