Re: testing with Lithium-redesigned OpenFlow plugin

Anil Vishnoi

I just added this comment to gerrit.

OVSDB just consume the flow installation part of the openflowplugin. So i think it should be fine because our integration test does all that testing against the new plugin. The only concern is about the flows that uses nicira extensions, i am not sure how much that is tested in integration test, so we should test it. Trello card for this task is here

You don't have to create new feature, just modify the existing openflowplugin feature and append "-li" at the end of it and you are good for testing. We should locally test it first.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 10:32 PM, Colin Dixon <colin@...> wrote:
(I just wanted to start a read thread instead of on a gerrit.)

The basic issue is that it seems as thought the bulk of the clustering efforts (if not all of them) will e happening on the lithium-redesign of the OpenFlow plugin. Along those lines, if we want to have a cluster-ready OVSDB netvirt, we'll need to eventually understand how to use that plugin.

In theory it should be backward compatible in terms of APIs, but it seems like testing sooner rather than later to find an bugs or showstoppers would be a good idea.

Along those lines, I created this patch to add odl-ovsdb-openstack-li and odl-ovsdb-plugin-li features that use the new OpenFlow plugin:

The goal here is just to scope out how bad things are and what's broken. If you'd rather me create a new features repository called ovsdb-li-test or something, I can do that too.



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