Re: Jenkins setup

Andrew Grimberg <agrimberg@...>

Greetings folks,

Sorry about all of this. I was pretty certain that I had Maven setup
after I built out the silos before I left for my vacation. We should be
all setup now with Maven 3.0.5 for this and the other new Jenkins silos.
Apparently 3.1.0 (which is what I thought I had setup) had problems :(


On Mon, 2013-07-29 at 14:52 +0200, Giovanni Meo wrote:
Hi helpdesk,

i'm trying to setup the jenkins on the ovsdb project, but that fails because the
maven is not setup, here is what jenkins reports:

Jenkins needs to know where your Maven 2/3 is installed.
Please do so from the system configuration.

I know this has been reported also for the yang-tools projects, can you please
install the maven in all the jenkins instance? I'm not sure why that is needed
given maven is visible on the controller project, but seems like there is a
per-project setting missing.

Thanks in advance,
Andrew J Grimberg
Systems Administrator
The Linux Foundation

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