Re: [netvirt-dev] How to acquire dpn-id from TOR device in L2GWscenario?

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Hi zhuangyang,

Yes, that’s the right wiki.

the cli command would depend on what tor device you are using. whatever command you use, please ensure the schema used is this one –


(we have only enabled and tested support for 1.3.1 version of the schema though, it has not been updated for latest additions, the above link is for 1.4.1, and latest ovs is further along in the schema it supports).

The only tables you should need to push through cli, or should be auto-created by the tor would be  –

Global :management_ips has to be set to tor mgmt. ip

Manager:target must be set to odl ip

Physical switch table : Tunnel_ips :should have the local vtep in it (note, odl does not support multiple local vteps on a tor today)

Name must match the device_id in l2gw api

Ports should be set by the tor to include all ports that can be configured by ovsdb

And then it must populate ucast-mac_local and other tables which are meant to be written by HSC (in the document)






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Hi Daya,


Thanks for your help.


Could I consider I could use "vtep:schema-add" CLI command for pushing the OVSDB config to TOR?


Is this the wiki you have mentioned?[1]






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Odl does not support configuring tunnels to tor’s explicitly.

Tor’s are expected to set up their tunnels based on the ovsdb config pushed by the controller in the vtep schema, and odl will push openflow rules for tunnels from vswitches towards tor.

To enable this -

Please add odl ip as manager ip on the tor ovsdb, so that it connects to the controller, then use the openstack l2gw plugin, and configure an l2gw with the device id set to the tor’s device id (from its ovsdb table).

When you create a neutron network, with vm’s on some ovs switches, and an l2gw connection-create on the tor mapping that network to a vlan, odl will create tunnels from each vswitch connected to the vm’s to the tor, and also add vswitch vtep ips into the tor’s ovsdb tables. The expectation is that the tor will use this for tunnels originating from it.

Victor, I think you have a wiki page for it?






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I apply NetVirt with OpenStack, and a TOR device(support OVSDB protocol) in L2GW scenario.


When I configuring tunnels, OpenDaylight requires dpn-id.


I  use the following curl call.

curl -s -u admin:admin -X GET http://${ODL_IP}:8181/restconf/operational/odl-interface-meta:bridge-ref-info/

This curl call should give the dpn ids. But not. Then I checked the connection between TOR and OpenDaylight, via "ovsdb-client dump hardware_vtep" and "curl -s -u admin:admin -X GET | python -mjson.tool".

Both of them verify the "is-connected": true. However, I still can't get dpn-id from TOR, via "ovsdb-cline dump"(Bridge table indicates blank value for controller and datapth-id, even I set manager and controller manually).

Maybe it is caused by TOR device runs the ovsdb-server, but not the ovs-vswitchd?







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