Re: [controller-dev] NetworkConfiguration -> BridgeDomain Configuration Service

Madhu Venugopal (vmadhu) <vmadhu@...>

>> I take it that BridgeDomains are the protocol-agnostic equivalent of an L2 segment?

Yes. That is the general idea.

Similarly, the umbrella abstraction, Network Configuration is a protocol-agnostic equivalent for any configuration in general.
(Yesterday's ethernet plugin discussion might fall under one or many sub-configuration modules).

It will certainly help to have this Terminology page in the wiki as a lookup.


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Subject: Re: [controller-dev] NetworkConfiguration -> BridgeDomain Configuration Service

I take it that BridgeDomains are the protocol-agnostic equivalent of an L2 segment?

Should we make a wiki page somewhere of the core abstractions and their loose equivalents? It might be useful.

For example:
Node = Switch/Router/Etc
Edge = Link
NodeConnector = Nodes and edges connect, e.g., a switch port


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> Date: 07/31/2013 09:52 AM
> Subject: [controller-dev] NetworkConfiguration -> BridgeDomain
> Configuration Service

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> I just pushed a commit for BridgeDomain Configuration Service under the
> umbrella of SAL Network Configuration Services.
> The idea of this SAL service is to provide a Protocol Plugin agnostic way
> of configuring Bridge Domains.
> Please take a look @
> When you browse through the code, it will be evident that, SAL
> NetworkConfiguration services are implemented as a pluggable
> bundle on its own to show the extensibility of SAL layer.
> Also, the NetworkConfiguration bundle is subdivided into various Services
> under their own package structure.
> We are starting this effort with the BridgeDomain management and naturally
> we can expand this and add more services under
> NetworkConfiguration bundle.
> Please note that the version is set as 0.0.1 to indicate that this is just
> the beginning and this code commit is to get the code flowing
> and start to integrate with network management plugins. As a start, we are
> integrating this with OVSDB plugin.
> The design intent is to have an extensible way of providing Network
> configuration service that satisfies various use-cases and
> various protocol plugin capabilities.
> Copied all the interested development lists as well.
> Thanks,
> Madhu
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