OpenDaylight OVSDB topic/netty branch status

Madhu Venugopal

Hi OVSDB-Devs,

Over the past few days, we were busy getting the topic/netty branch to shape after
migration to Netty and new Bi-directional JSON-RPC work
(Thanks to Brent, Aswin and Master Zeller's efforts).

I added a few more commits & brought all the branches together into the lib structure.
Also completed the integration with OVSDB Plugin's Connection & Inventory Service.

With most of the infra in place, I was able to get addBridge ConfigurationService working as well.

Please refer to all my recent commits to topic/netty branch :,n,z

am also actively maintaining the Trello page :

For all of you, who signed up to handle some tasks, this is your time :-)
Pull the code and start hacking. If you guys need help getting starting with the new codebase,
I would be more than happy to call a google hangout session and bring you all upto speed.

Please add it to your circles and lets start sharing, polling, commenting and posting your cat pictures :-)


PS : am still working on cleaning up the Library / Plugin code (its ugly looking at this point) :-)

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