brainfart about parents and children

Hugo Trippaers <hugo@...>

Heya all,

Yesterday evening (CET ;-) ) i was having a nice chat with Madhu. We were talking about ways to make the OVSDB plugin as generic as possible to make sure we can talk to just about any ovsdb we encounter. Absolutely the way to go i think, but it raised a few question marks on how to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the various implementations that are going to pop-up. As we offer functions like create bridge domain and related functions we need to have some way to express how we would do that in a particular implementation. For example creating a bridge in openvswitch might be subtly different from creating it on vendor A switch or implementation X.

Hence the next question, if you look at ODL from a user perspective you would expect to be able to add a device like an openvswitch equipped hypervisor and i would expect ODL to know how to handle it. The ovsdb plugin is a good place, but there might be something needed on top of that, but in my opinion it should still be in ODL. Not being thoroughly knowledgable about ODL yet, i would expect something that would allow me to create a “parent” node of type openvswitch/vendor switch A/whatever with one “child” node of type OVS and zero or more child nodes of type OF (the bridges) or other types depending on the implementation. The OVS and other nodes would be “managed” by the parent node which know what to do when the owner of the node tells it to create a bridge domain.

Just idle rambling, but curious about this as it would impact how much intelligence the tools interfacing with ODL should need to have.



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