Virtuailization addition and affinity service

Anees A Shaikh <aashaikh@...>

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the last TSC call where the issue of
conflicting services in the virtualization edition was discussed further.
But in reading Dave's notes, it seems there was some expectation that the
current approach would need to be revisited: "big piece of post-release
work to do on finding the proper abstractions under which all three
projects can complement each other", referring to VTN/OpenDOVE/Affinity.

While we may need a way to support multiple virtualization implementations
simultaneously, this problem applies to the current VTN/OpenDOVE/OVSDB
projects and not the affinity project in my view. Affinity metadata
service should never conflict with any of these implementations, because
it provides a database of user-specified affinities / policies, not an
additional virtualization implementation -- i.e., it should not touch the
network (unless its scope is changing significantly).

If folks from these projects, have a different view, let's discuss it


-- Anees

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