NetworkConfiguration -> BridgeDomain Configuration Service

Madhu Venugopal (vmadhu) <vmadhu@...>

I just pushed a commit for BridgeDomain Configuration Service under the
umbrella of SAL Network Configuration Services.
The idea of this SAL service is to provide a Protocol Plugin agnostic way
of configuring Bridge Domains.
Please take a look @

When you browse through the code, it will be evident that, SAL
NetworkConfiguration services are implemented as a pluggable
bundle on its own to show the extensibility of SAL layer.

Also, the NetworkConfiguration bundle is subdivided into various Services
under their own package structure.
We are starting this effort with the BridgeDomain management and naturally
we can expand this and add more services under
NetworkConfiguration bundle.

Please note that the version is set as 0.0.1 to indicate that this is just
the beginning and this code commit is to get the code flowing
and start to integrate with network management plugins. As a start, we are
integrating this with OVSDB plugin.

The design intent is to have an extensible way of providing Network
configuration service that satisfies various use-cases and
various protocol plugin capabilities.

Copied all the interested development lists as well.