get together to talk about Openstack L3 FWD using OVSDB's net-virt

Flavio Fernandes <ffernand@...>

Hi folks,

If you have interest in helping out with the implementation of L3 forwarding using the ovsdb’s network virtualization,
then please let me know!

We are in the sync up stage of what we have and what we need on this effort. There is a pretty good chunk of code
implemented since Helium, but we still miss a bunch of work to handle northbound and southbound traffic, to be
feature compatible to L3 DVR.

The plan is to have informal get together on Friday(s) at 1pm — Eastern time. No one should feel excluded, but it is
not in the current goal to only talk; so if you do join, please come in with some cycles to burn! ;)


— flavio