Pre-announcement of pending NN YANG model revision

Ryan Moats <rmoats@...>

Sometime during the week of 7/19, the NN YANG models will be reved from rev141002 to a new rev for initial Beryllium work.

This mail is being sent as the initial "heads up" of this pending change as this merge will likely break projects that are relying on the old models...

There will be additional notices as the NN project works through applying the patches stream that culminates in the revision change.

Ryan Moats


Ryan Moats <rmoats@...>


Just wanted to give an update on this work - it now looks like this change is going to slip as I'd like to be as sure as I can be that we will only need to do it once during the Be cycle and I keep finding cruft that needs to be cleaned.

Thanks, and please stay tuned...