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Sam Hague

On Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 12:31 PM, Vishal Thapar <vishal.thapar@...> wrote:
odl-netvirt-openstack replaces odl-ovsdb-openstack and odl-netvirt-sfc replaces odl-ovsdb-sfc. You likely don't need odl-ovsdb-sfc-rest anymore.

Yes all you need for connectivity is just odl-netvirt-openstack and no other features.

If you want sfc also, then use odl-netvirt-sfc. Try to include other odl-sfc-* features as there are different features in sfc that will conflict with netvirt.

I'll let others comment on other replacements.


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adding ovsdb, gbp, sfc and netvirt lists...

On 12/14/2017 08:18 AM, Till Skrodzki wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm currently trying to upgrade ODL in Fuel. Since the plugin has not
> been updated in a year, I thought I could look up the features required/used in the Boron version in the Nitrogen SR1.
> I'm refering to the features listed here:
> https://github.com/openstack/fuel-plugin-opendaylight/blob/master/envi
> ronment_config.yaml
> As far as I can see it, odl-groupbasedpolicy-ovssfc,
> odl-ovsdb-openstack, odl-ovsdb-sfc-rest, odl-ovsdb-sfc are not available in Nitrogen. Have the names moved or projects dropped?
> Using
> odl-netvirt-openstack odl-dlux-core odl-mdsal-apidocs odl-restconf-all
> odl-sfc-ui odl-aaa-authn odl-sfc-model odl-sfc-provider
> odl-sfc-provider-rest odl-sfc-ovs odl-sfc-openflow-renderer
> Got me as far as creating/deleting networks etc. I just do not have
> any connectivity to instances launched. I can ping routers tho.
> Thanks for any help
> Regards
> Till
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