Malformed-message when creating a physical switch

"陈庄洋 <chenzhuangyang@...>


I use Nitrogen SR2 (karaf-0.7.2) with Pica8 P5101 SDN switch.

I follow OVSDB user guide hardware vTEP section, and stuck at creating a physical switch.

I paste the request body into Postman, re-modify IP address. Then I sent the request and get a "400 Bad Request" response. I would paste the response at below.

    "errors": {
        "error": [
                "error-type": "protocol",
                "error-tag": "malformed-message",
                "error-message": "Error parsing input: Choose suitable module name for element managed-by:\novsdb\nhwvtep",
                "error-info": etc.

The questions:
1. I am not sure about how to fix this, any aspects I could look into?
2. P5101 is a physical SDN switch, which ovsdb-server is running. And I used GET method on the same URL, I got the data from initial the connection from P5101 to controller. So I am not sure whether I should create a physical switch. (Please allow me to paraphrase, why do I need to create a physical switch in "config" database? What is this "physical switch" for?)