TSC-132 topic:neon-mri Status

Michael Vorburger <vorburger@...>


Given the skipped TSC meeting yesterday, we thought it may be useful to send a quick current status update in writing re. https://jira.opendaylight.org/browse/TSC-132 (which is on https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/q/topic:neon-mri and with status also on the Release Dashboard  in JIRA). Good progress was made during ONS; here are the remaning known open points:

netconf, openflowplugin & ovsdb are all still struggling with Mockito upgrade related test failures, but getting there AFAIK; guess this will all be wrapped up next week.

neutron was struggling with Jersey related failure; Stephen and I figured it out yesterday; a new odlparent 4.0.2 incl. https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/76462/ will be released shortly.

netvirt and coe both have not yet started their neon-mri migration at all; they are blocked by above, but hopefully can start looking at it laster next week.

BTW: Whenever any of us runs a new https://jenkins.opendaylight.org/releng/view/integration/job/integration-multipatch-test-neon, could we all every time please update that "ODL Last FULL Build:" field on https://jira.opendaylight.org/browse/TSC-132 ? That gives everyone a clear view on the latest build. I'll (manually) re-run that build next week as I become aware of progress in projects listed above.

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