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Abhijit Kumbhare

Hi SFC folks,

Can you please answer this question?




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Abhijit and Daniel.  With Casey out sick I wanted to make sure one of you saw this and directed it to the right place.






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From what I gather from the documentation, creating an ovs bridge should create a SFF in the config datastore. I'm currently creating an ovs bridge using the create-ovs-bridge rpc, but do not see the SFF being created using RESTCONF and looking at the karaf logs. I'm using ODL v0.9.1 Fluorine. I do see the ovs bridge was actually created using # ovs-vsctl show. Is SFC OVS designed to automatically map the creation of an ovs bridge to the creation of a SFF? Or do you have to do it the other way where you create the SFF using the OVS augmentations?




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