[netvirt-dev] Hardware VTEP support

Dayavanti Gopal Kamath <dayavanti.gopal.kamath@...>

Thanks for sending the links vic! One update from my side, is this is already implemented and available in boron. we just haven’t updated the status. A/A mode has been tested with pluribus hwvteps, and we would be very happy to test with other devices, and support as needed.





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Hi Santosh,

I don't think there is any support yet for what you are seeking. There is some ongoing discussion regarding OVSDB HWVTEP HA, including running with MLAG.


[1] is a link to the Netvirt Carbon Trello board, which includes a card for "OVSDB HWVTEP High Availability", in the "Doing" column.

[2] is a link to initial draft of document, from Daya.


Please take a look. As mentioned above, we can bring this up in the next call for discussion if you wish to join in and participate.






On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 10:18 AM, Santosh Singh <santosh.chandan@...> wrote:

Hi Vic,



I work for Avaya. We are currently working support device level redundancy through MLAG.


With respect to that wanted to understand whether ODL has been tested with hardware VTEP running with MLAG .



Is there any current design documents which you could point me so that I get understanding of current level HA support with respect to H/w vtep redundancy.


I hope this gives clear understanding of what I am looking at.





On 01-May-2017 7:39 pm, "Victor Pickard" <vpickard@...> wrote:

Hi Santosh,

We have a HWVTEP weekly meeting, every Tuesday from 10  - 11 am ET. This would be a good place to start, join the call, get to know the team.


I just sent out an updated invite (which will probably change over to Zoom shortly) on the OVSDB and Netvirt mailing lists.


Can you give me a little background? What company are you with, interests (HWVTEP HA, clearly :-), maybe others), etc?

That way,  I could do a brief introduction on the call tomorrow (or whenever you can join).






On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 9:51 AM, Santosh Singh <santosh.chandan@...> wrote:


  I have dropped couple mails related to below questions to netvirt group and to  few individuals, but I haven't got any responses yet.  


I would be willing to take any related activities for supporting H/W vtep HA.


It would be of great help if you could answer my queries related  H/W VTEP support as part L2-gateway in netvirt.



1.  Does Netvirt support Hardware VTEP HA ? 

  • What is the plan for the same ?
  • Does netvirt supports H/W VTEP configured with MLAG ?
  • Any design document reference would be of great help on H/W VTEP HA support.

2. Remote macs entries  on the H/W VTEP is updated/cleared only on response to Local ucast mac updates. 


As I am working on supporting/validating ODL/Netvirt  for our Hardware VTEP  support.  It would help me to identifying any design consideration for our Hardware VTEP or help in identifying any changes in  netvirt for support our VTEP in HA and non HA mode.


I would be really appreciate your response on this.