[OpenDaylight TSC] Fluorine SR1 release

Sam Hague

Hi all,

please get any bug fixes in before Thursday if they need to be in the fluorine-sr1 build. Please finish reviews and run the csit on the patches so they can be merged.

Thanks, Sam

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Subject: [OpenDaylight TSC] Fluorine SR1 release
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Hi everyone.
It appears that between the DDF and Neon milestones we missed the Fluorine SR1 release due for the 7th of October.
In order to push this forward we want to target the release by next Tuesday the 23rd of October

Target is to push any remaining fixes you have for Fluorine SR1 by Thursday the 18th EOD.
On Friday the 19th we will lock the stream, pickup the latest build and start reviewing the CI results.
This should be completed by Monday the 22nd and then released formally on Tuesday the 23rd.

Please update us if you can't make this time line. 

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