Queues not assigning correct bandwidth

Sofia Marques <sofiasm.stud@...>

Hello there.

I've created some queues with different max and min rates and set some flows to these queues.
As you can see in the files attached, I set flow from ip to dest to the queue 1, with max rate 10 000, min 8 000 and priority 1 and flow from ip to dest to the queue 2, with max rate 8 000, min 5000 and priority 4. I can see by dump flows that the flows set queue action is correctly set. You can see this on errorbw_flowsqueues.png.
But when I run iperf to test it, from ip to dest  I get a huge delay and the bw used is only 38 Kbits/s whereas from ip to dest I get normal time to generate traffic and 2,74 Mbit/s. You can also see the xterm terminals from error_bw.png file.
Both iperf tests are done without none of the flows being installed before.

Does someone know what is happening?