[release] ODL JIRA Version Guidelines

Anil Vishnoi

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Date: Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 8:47 AM
Subject: [release] ODL JIRA Version Guidelines
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Hello Project Teams,

Now that we have transitioned from bugzilla to JIRA [0], each project team has its own project in JIRA and all committers on the project have project administrator rights for their own projects.  Only project administrators can create version values for their respective projects.

We ask that all project teams participating in the autorelease create version values in the format as follows where the first letter of the release is in capital case and there is a dash before the service release.  Examples:
  • Carbon-SR3
  • Nitrogen-SR1
  • Nitrogen-SR2
  • Nitrogen-SR3
  • Nitrogen-SR4
  • Oxygen
  • Oxygen-SR1
  • Oxygen-SR2
  • Fluorine
  • Fluorine-SR2
  • Neon
All issues targeted for a specific release should have the Fix Version/s field updated to include the version value.  Refer to [1] for an example.

Doing this consistently across all the participating projects will allow us to create filters and dashboards to track the status of a release.  Thank you!

Best Regards,
Kit Lou

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