Setting up ODL HWVTEP HA

Kaoru Sueda <k-sueda@...>


I'm trying to set up ODL HWVTEP HA with two hardware VTEPs.
It'll be very appricate if someone could help me to figure out the following questions.

1. Is the network structure I concerned right?
2. Is LACP used of LAG? If used, how LACP packets are passed between HWVTEP?
3. In the following document, it mentioned that:
'Both switches must have a backend sync mechanism to cross-populate learnt MACs.'
About this backend sync mechanism,
- What kind of mechanism is used?
- Are learnt MACs sync necessary on both VXLAN side and VLAN side?
4. Are the VTEP IP and MAC address set for two HWVTEPs the same?
5. Are tests for HWVTEP machine executed in ODL HWVTEP HA test on the community side?