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Dear Sir,
I have a  wireless WiFi access point which has a single Ethernet port. An OPENWrt operating system is installed on this wireless access point. I installed on it an openvswitch along with OpenFlow 1.3. 

When I use this commands on the WiFi AP:

ovs-vsctl  set-controller  bridge name tcp: IP of controller: service port

The WiFi becomes unpingable: I mean that I can no longer ping it even from the controller itself. 

When I read in the deployment recommendations, I have found out that there should be the followings: 
Separate the data network (that connects devices using the network) from the management network (that connects the network devices to OpenDaylight).


Deploying OpenDaylight on a separate, private management network does not eliminate threats, but only mitigates them. By construction, some messages must flow from the data network to the management network, e.g., OpenFlow packet_inmessages, and these create an attack surface even if it is a small one.

However, I  have a single Ethernet port for the WiFi AP. How I can separate the management network from the data network on a single ethernet port.  
This AP has a single Ethernet port.

Why you don't put a help page on how to connect an OpenFlow enabled switch to an OpenDayLight controller.
Where is it explained such a configuration?

Looking forward very much to receiving your reply! 
I need your help!!! 

Best regards,