[Action Request] Oxygen M1 Status Reminder #2

Kit Lou <klou.external@...>

Hello Oxygen Projects,

This is a repeat of last week's reminder.

This is a friendly reminder for the 17 projects below to complete their M1 milestone status readout as soon as possible as it is past due more than 10 days and M2 milestone status due date is impending:
  • aaa
  • coe
  • dlux
  • dluxapps
  • infrautils
  • mdsal
  • ocpplugin
  • of-config
  • openflowplugin
  • opflex
  • p4plugin
  • packetcable
  • snmp
  • sxp
  • tsdr
  • unimgr
  • yangtools

As communicated earlier, milestone status needs to be submitted as reStructuredText file (similar to release notes) into the docs project - see Section 4, item aa in TSC meeting minutes [1].   All submitted and merged milestone readouts can be viewed here to make them readily accessible [2] - note that we have converted the M0 emails, where applicable, into rst files for all the participating projects.

Please make a copy of the m1 status template file [3], update, and submit your milestone readout into this folder of the docs project:  "docs/release-process/milestone-readouts/m1".

There is a useful online reStructuredText tool [4] you can use to validate your rst file contents - copy the rst file contents into the left pane and you will see the rendered HTML on the right pane.  If your rst file checkin fails verification, it will likely be failing the tox coala check.  Please look for the tox-coala.log.gz file in the build log for details.