Remove serviceutils 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT from Nexus?

Michael Vorburger <vorburger@...>

Hello Thanh,

I just got majorly confused re. versions of Maven artifacts of the new serviceutils project... it seems like it initially pushed a mix of 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT and 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT versions, and in this got aligned to be all 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT (there are no no more 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT in serviceutils master).

Woud you be able to remove the old 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT versions of serviceutils from;gav~org.opendaylight.serviceutils~~~~ to avoid future confusion?

BTW: The versions on stable/oxygen are likewise a bit confusing, because those stayed 0.4.3, so older code currently has higher version numbers; I'm proposing to make them 0.1.3 in (The stable/oxygen is not yet deployed to Nexus, so all good on those artifacts.)

Michael Vorburger, Red Hat
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