[integration-dev] SFC and Sodium

Robert Varga <nite@...>

On 13/09/2019 00:39, Abhijit Kumbhare wrote:
Hi SFC team,
[+ direct emails to Jaime and David]

During the TSC meeting today we discussed this issue as well as SFC in
general. We decided to remove the SFC dependency and SFC tests from the
NetVirt project. However, I would like to ask a broader question. Given
that most of you are not full time on the project, do you folks want to
remove SFC from being a managed project from Sodium? In that case you
can turn it into a self managed project - and can be included if you
desire using the lightweight self managed process. Alternatively as a
self managed project you can also remove it from Sodium altogether. You
do not have to do the SRs if you are a self managed project, but if
support is unlikely to happen, then it will be cleaner to not have SFC
in the release in the first place.
I find the timing of this highly irregular.

There is no pressing need to remove SFC at this point in time -- in fact
we have a ready-to-ship release and we are almost two weeks late doing that.

Furthermore doing so will expend engineering resources -- something that
we are sorely in need of.

In either case, in case you want to move SFC to self managed, we will
need to move fast as the release is already due. Please let us know
right away.
I find 'right away' without directly addressing committers highly
aggressive -- we usually give people *at least* two full business days
to get back to us. And when we did, it was under direst of circumstances.

I am not finding any justification for this move in Sodium.

If it were to be done, it should have been done at Final Checkpoint.
That ship has sailed when we selected the release candidate build, which
does include SFC.

It is a fair ask for Magnesium, though.