[OpenDaylight TSC] TSC Vote for moving SFC to a self managed project

Anil Belur <abelur@...>

-1, lets remove this in Sodium SR1. Its too late atm.

On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 10:05 AM Abhijit Kumbhare <abhijitkoss@...> wrote:
Hello TSC,

There was a discussion in the TSC meeting to move SFC project to be a self managed project for Sodium as SFC members have mostly moved on and have also not attended any TSC meetings. Subsequently we also sent an email to the SFC project titled "SFC and Sodium". Since there was no response, it is time for the TSC to vote on whether SFC should be removed from the Sodium release.

Hence please vote either -1, 0 or +1 for the following question:

Shall SFC be removed from Sodium as a managed project and be considered as a self managed project? Note - this will likely need us to remove it from the Sodium distribution.

My vote: +1 (i.e. SFC should be removed as a managed project and be considered as a self managed project).


Stephen Kitt <skitt@...>Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 12:45 AM
To: JamO Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...>
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I added a kill-switch for the SFC dependency in NetVirt the last time
we ran into similar issues, so disabling SFC is straightforward:



On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 10:27:28PM -0700, JamO Luhrsen wrote:
> I think it's time to get SFC out of our managed projects list. It really
> only remained all this time because of netvirt's dependency on it.

> However, I don't know if we want to try to do this for Sodium, do we?
> Or is it already decoupled from netvirt?

> JamO

> On 9/12/19 3:39 PM, Abhijit Kumbhare wrote:
> > Hi SFC team,
> > 
> > During the TSC meeting today we discussed this issue as well as SFC in
> > general. We decided to remove the SFC dependency and SFC tests from the
> > NetVirt project. However, I would like to ask a broader question. Given
> > that most of you are not full time on the project, do you folks want to
> > remove SFC from being a managed project from Sodium? In that case you
> > can turn it into a self managed project - and can be included if you
> > desire using the lightweight self managed process. Alternatively as a
> > self managed project you can also remove it from Sodium altogether. You
> > do not have to do the SRs if you are a self managed project, but if
> > support is unlikely to happen, then it will be cleaner to not have SFC
> > in the release in the first place.
> > 
> > In either case, in case you want to move SFC to self managed, we will
> > need to move fast as the release is already due. Please let us know
> > right away.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Abhijit
> > 
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