OpenDaylight Contribution summary for Carbon since Boron

Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@...>

Hi Everyone,

For anyone who's interested we've produced a Spectrometer report for OpenDaylight contributions to Carbon since the release of Boron (See attached txt).

As usual some things to keep in mind about this report.

* Spectrometer currently uses email addresses as unique contributors
* Spectrometer does not currently merge accounts if a contributor uses multiple emails
* Spectrometer reports projects not participating in autorelease and does not have a release/boron tag as 0 contributions
* Spectrometer currently does not ignore jenkins-releng (bot) so appears in the results

Additionally support projects like Spectrometer, releng/builder, integration/packaging, integration/test do not have stable branches so their commit numbers are a bit skewed in that we tag their master branch on the date of a release so these projects may have more "commits" since last release.