Beryllium System Test Waiver Requests

Curt Beckmann

Thanks, Vratko.


I do not expect that the utility piece of the TTP project would be part of the Beryllium release, but will discuss within the ttp-dev community… If we seek to make it part of the release, then we will pursue the system test work.



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Quick reactions:


> Some features of the TTP project are part of a standalone (CLI utility) executable,

> which would not be tested as part of system test.


Is the utility part of Beryllium release?

If not, no problem. Projects are not prohibited

from having outputs unrelated to the release.

If yes, it is a part of larger ODL system and should be system tested.



> The project's integration test covers testing the data flow through MD-SAL.


System tests are there also for verifying other features

(odl-integration-compatible-with-all) do not interfere.

A simple analogue to some RESTCONF system test would be appreciated.



> OpFlex is a non-Java project; tests are run in build as unit test and also external testing


External tests are promised, no reason not to Approve.


The same for SNMP4SDN.



> No Explanation.


Um. Netconf system tests description is still used as an example [1]

and there are integration/test contributors already working on them [2].

I really see no reason to Approve this waiver.


All other projects in list: Approve.








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Hi Integration Team,


Based on M2 status, 11 projects have requested system test waivers.  Their requests are summarized in this wiki page here [1].  Please take moment to review and update the status of each request to “Acknowledged” or “Approved” on the wiki page.  Please let me know if you have questions.


Best Regards,

An Ho