Can OVS forward TTP messages to Helium ODL


Hi Experts,

I am working on the openflow switch (hardware switch) which have its own Openflow agent functionalities -- It uses OFDPA for data plane programming..... But, it uses OVS (ofproto lib in OVS) to interact with the controller. All communication between our switch and the controller happens via OVS only. So, the switch depends on OVS for communicating with the controller.....I know, OFDPA/my agent and ODL supports TTP but not OVS. will it be really matter ? Can my switch send TTP messages to ODL even though OVS doesnt support TTP?  Please clarify me whether it is possible?

My goal is, using TTP, Openflow agent (my hardware switch) has to send all openflow tables and their capabilities to Helium version ODL. Please clarify me whether it is possible?

OFDPA based data plane -------------------------------Openflow Agent + OVS ofproto -------------------------------- Controller