TTP M2 status

Curt Beckmann

Table Type Patterns (ttp)

0. Please provide updates on any previously-incomplete items from prior milestone readouts. n/a
1. Have you completed the project checklist? Yes
     (link to a merged patch in gerrit):
     (link to a mail from your mailing list):
     (link to a bug for your project; you can create a dummy one and close it if need be):
     (link to an artifact published from your project in nexus):
     (link to a sonar report):
     (link to your root pom file):;a=blob;f=pom.xml;hb=HEAD
2. Does your project have any special needs in CI Infrastructure (tools or configuration)? No
3. Is your project release plan finalized? Yes
     Do you have all APIs intended to be externally consumable listed? Yes
         Does each API have a useful short name? Yes
         Are the Java interface and/or YANG files listed for each API? Yes, when they exist
         Are they labeled as tentative, provisional, or stable as appropriate for each API? Yes
         Do you call out the OSGi bundles and/or Karaf features providing the API for each API? Yes, when they exist
4. All project dependencies (requests on other project's release plans) have been acknowledged and documented by upstream projects?
     The ttp project has possible (new) dependencies on openflowplugin, openflowjava, and didm in Beryllium. We have sent e-mail to that effect.
     As an aside, ttp depends on the JSON codecs (in a combination of yangtools and netconf?) for binding aware data types in non-standard ways.
5. Were there any project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone? No


Integration and Test:


1.    Will your project have top-level features not requiring system test? Yes

Some features of the TTP project are part of a standalone (CLI utility) executable, which would not be tested as part of system test.

2.    Will your project use the OpenDaylight CI infrastructure for testing top-level features requiring system test? Yes





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