TTP M3 Status

Colin Dixon

See below.


Table Type Patterns

Functionality Freeze:

1. Final list of externally consumable APIs defined: Yes
** If you had any Tentative APIs, have they been moved to Provisional or Dropped? Yes:
** If any of your Tentative APIs were dropped, have you notified all projects that were expecting them? Yes, but trivially as no projects were formally expecting them
** Also please list all dropped APIs. Pipeline Snippet Utilities
2. Are all your inter-project dependencies resolved (i.e., have the other projects you were counting on given you what you needed)? Yes
** If no, please list the features you were expecting that haven't been delivered and the project you were expecting to receive them from.
** Note that you can only reasonably hold a project to something if you formally asked for it during the release planning process and they acknowledged that ask saying they would do it.
3. Were there any project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone? No
** If so, were they delivered? n/a

Karaf Features Defined:

4. Are all your project's features that are intended for release added to the features.xml and checked into the integration git repository? No, we expect to add an additional driver feature
** (please provide link to features.xml)
** (please provide link to the gerrit patch that checks into the integration git repository)
5. List all top-level, user-facing, and stable Karaf features for your project.
* Top-level: odl-ttp-model-rest, odl-ttp-driver (TBD), CLI tools
* User-facing: odl-ttp-model-rest, CLI tools
* odl-ttp-model-rest: Provides a YANG model (and thus accompanying data store information and REST APIs) for a central repository of TTPs and the TTPs associated with OpenFlow switches.
* odl-ttp-driver (TBD): provides a mapping from an application-oriented TTP to a device-oriented TTP. Exact application-oriented and device-oriented TTPs are still being investigated.

6. List the kinds of documentation you will provide including at least:
* user guide for: od-ttp-model-rest and CLI tools
* developer guide for: odl-ttp-model-rest, CLI tools and odl-ttp-driver (TBD)
7. Have you checked in the AsciiDoc outlines to the docs repository? Yes for everything but hte odl-ttp-driver developer guide
** (link to gerrit patch) and

Integration and Test:
8. Have you started automated system testing for your top-level features. No
** If yes, link to test report
** If no, why? We haven't had time yet for the odl-ttp-model-rest, we still aren't quite sure how to write a system test for the CLI tools and we are still developing the odl-ttp-driver.
9. Have you filled out basic system test plan wiki page from template for each top-level feature (karaf and not karaf) and a comprehensive system test plan template including functionality, cluster, scalability, performance, longevity/stability for each stable feature? No
** If yes, link to test plans
** If no, why? See above.