TTP M4 readout

Colin Dixon

Table Type Patterns

1. Please provide updates on any previously-incomplete items from prior milestone readouts. n/a

2. Has your project achieved API freeze such that all externally accessible Stable or Provisional APIs will not be modified after now? Yes

* Link to gerrit search for patches modifying the API:*.yang

3. Do you have content in your project documentation? Yes

* For each document, provide current word count

docs ckd$ wc -w `find . -name *ttp*.rst`
     161 ./docs/developer-guide/ttp-cli-tools-developer-guide.rst
    1435 ./docs/developer-guide/ttp-model-developer-guide.rst
     106 ./docs/user-guide/ttp-cli-tools-user-guide.rst
    1702 total

* For each document, link to the file in gerrit:*ttp.*.rst (all merged)

* Link to pending gerrit patches waiting approval:*ttp.*.rst (all merged)

4. Has your project met the requirements to be included in Maven Central [2]? No

5. Were project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone delivered successfully? No Deliverables

6. Have you started automated system testing for your top-level features.

No, all features are experimental.

7. Does your project use any ports, including for testing? No

8. Does your project build successful in Autorelease?


Although that was ~40 days ago. The dependences.log there shows ttp being in the build.