Issus with  Project  Honeycomb/VBD in Branch Nitrogen



        I am an contributor in OpenDayLight and our project is BIER. Now I have a problem with dlux UI,which also found in your ODL 

project Honeycomb/VBD. Your latest branch master update to odlparent 2.0.2 and use karaf4 feature. I read your code and complie it, 

install vbd and dlux bundle

when run gui and open the dlux UI with http://localhost:8181/index.html in chrome , problem come as below,  vendor load failed.

The Carbon branch runs OK, only load failed when update to odlparent 2.0.0(2.0.2) and karaf4 feature. Do you find this issue and how will you deal 

with it? Hope to receive your reply.

Best Regards,


高陈强 Gao Chenqiang

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