OpenDaylight and the Nirvana Stack

Andre Fredette <afredette@...>

The "Nirvana Stack" is an NFV solution stack which was proposed by ATT during the last ODL Summit and which consists of 4 key components: OpenStack, OpenDaylight, - all of which are integrated into a solution stack in OPNFV.

After the last summit, a group of people came together to produce a POC for OpenDaylight in the Nirvana Stack that included a collaboration between the NetVirt, Genius, GBP & VBD projects in ODL and the FastDataStacks and Apex projects in OPNFV. More details can be seen at [1] and [2].

We will be discussing this work briefly during the NetVirt planning session at the ODL DDF next week.

We'd also like schedule a discussion at the next ODL Technical Work Stream (TWS) call (after the DDF) to provide an overview and see if there is broader interest in the ODL community to help out with this work.  Details on this will follow.

Finally, feel free to ping any of us at the DDF next week to talk about it.