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Ed san,

Sure, I just added 'OpenDaylight Virtual Tenant Network (VTN)' into the 'Participating Projects'.

Best regards,
M. Kudo

Today is the M0 of the Simultaneous Release, the official opening of the release.
You have been clear in your intent for VTN to join the Simultaneous Release, something
I'm quite excited about. I would be further delighted if you were to formally add it by
inserting it into the 'Participating Projects' section here:

The official plan of record (including which projects have joined :) ).


On Jun 19, 2013, at 3:57 AM, m-kudo@...<mailto:m-kudo@...> wrote:

Ed san,

As I promised, I am sending a tentative release plan of the VTN project.

We are willing to discuss the collaboration with the Dove project.
Depending on the progress of the discussion, the following plan might be changed.

* Planned VTN features for OpenDaylight v1.0
1) VTN multi tenancy
2) vBridge function:
logical representation of L2 switch function
3) multi controller orchestration
4) flow filter:
action and matching conditions for flows

* Planned initial submittal for the above features
M2: 1) VTN multi tenancy (controller repo)
2) vBridge function (controller repo)

M4: 3) multi controller orchestration (vtn repo)
API for 4) flow filter (controller repo, vtn repo)

M5: Main body for 4) flow filter (controller repo, vtn repo)

By the way, contributed source files of VTN are now open to public,
and mailing lists and Bugzilla are already setup, thanks to Andy san!

We will upload Wiki page in the Bootstrap Project section soon.
Until then, please refer the following files for VTN information.

Best regards,
M. Kudo

Ed san,

Thanks for your advice.

As you suggested, we will create the VTN wiki page in the Bootstrap Project section,
and provide a project information there.

It's already a weekend here in Japan, so we will work on that next week. :)

Best regards,
M. Kudo

Excellent! :)

I suspect the 'formal' process of joining once the TSC has approved the Simultaneous Release Plan will
look something like adding yourself to the Simultaneous Release Plan wiki page in the 'Participating Projects' section?
but lets get the Simultaneous Release Plan approved first :)

Regarding the candidate release plan, it is excellent news that you will have it out next week.
I would respectfully suggest that it would be an excellent idea for you to create an 'OpenDaylight Virtual Tenant Network'
top level wiki page put it in the 'Bootstrap Projects' section of the top level wiki page:
That would provide a good place to put things like your Release Plan and docs :)

Looking forward to working with the VTN project team :)

On Jun 14, 2013, at 8:27 PM, m-kudo@...<mailto:m-kudo@...> wrote:

Ed san,

VTN project (just approved by the TSC :) will join the Simultaneous Release as Offset1.
Regarding the candidate Release Plan, we will send it early next week.

Best regards,
M. Kudo

The TSC today asked that we poll the community for those interested in bringing project they would like to see
included in the first Simultaneous Release. The current proposed Simultaneous Release Plan (here: )
requires projects, by M1 on July 22, 2013, to:

1) Declare their intention to join the Simultaneous Release
2) Provide their candidate Release Plan

This has implications for folks who are seeking to bring projects to ODL that they would like to
be in the first Simultaneous Release. It takes 2-3 weeks from proposal to approval (to allow
for public comment on the proposal and IPR Review). So if the July 22 M1 date is
approved by the TSC, projects that wished to join the Simultaneous Release would need to
get project proposals in by early July.

Please note: a project does not have to be part of the Simultaneous Release to be an OpenDaylight

On the TSC call it was suggested that we poll the community to see if there are folks intending to bring
projects they would like to be in the first Simultaneous Release to see if that July 22nd date would
represent an impediment to them.

So please speak up :)


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