[eclipse] opendaylight-eclipse-setup additional Eclipse plugins now optional, incl. yangide

Michael Vorburger

Hello opendaylight-eclipse-setup users,

FYI with a change on https://github.com/vorburger/opendaylight-eclipse-setup today, many of those additional Eclipse Plugins which used to be automatically installed during the workspace provisioning (and sometimes caused issues; e.g. PMD) are now optional.

You'll find a new section labelled "Additional optional Eclipse plugins for OpenDaylight development" in the UI, which lists roughly in the order you may would like to consider or ignore them a bunch of things which are "nice to have" but not "must have" to work on ODL code.

Notably e.g. the yangide Eclipse plugin is now optional - personally I'm not currently using it anymore, as I find the workspace slowdown from its index VS its value not to be worth it; but YMMV.

The opendaylight-eclipse-setup now also creates two dynamic work sets for each ODL repo; e.g. netvirt & netvirt-build; those *-build working sets contain all the Eclipse projects named *-aggregator, *-features, *-artifacts, *-karaf or *-parent. The point is just to keep "real code" more visibly separated from "just build infrastructure" kind of projects in the workspace. (This is completely unrelated to the optional eclipse plugins.)

Full technical details can be found in the diffs on https://github.com/vorburger/opendaylight-eclipse-setup/commits/master

Please just ask should you have any Qs, suggestions, etc. related to this change.

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