[controller-dev] build failure today

Dean, Steve sdean at hp.com
Tue Feb 24 16:38:25 UTC 2015

This morning my builds are failing with the error below.  I have four projects.  Two are stored in the ODL git repository.  Two are not checked into ODL.  My two local projects are failing.  The projects stored in the ODL git repo are building fine.  All worked yesterday.

Any ideas?

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.opendaylight.yangtools:yang-maven-plugin:0.7.0-SNAPSHOT:generate-sources (binding) on project driver-test: yang-to-sources: Unable to parse yang files from /home/dev/odl/tools/driver-test/src/main/yang: Module:opendaylight-queue-types with revision:2013-09-25 declared twice -> [Help 1]

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