[controller-dev] What's the difference In-Memory DataStore and Distributed DataStore

Vinllen Chen cvinllen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 03:43:32 UTC 2016

Hi, Dear all,

After following the documents listed in the MD-SAL wiki and source code, I
still have two problems which confusing me two weeks.

1.When will the Config Tree be persisted into the hard-disk?
In my understanding, In-Memory DataStore stores two trees: Config tree and
Operational tree. The Config Tree will be persisted into the hard-disk
after serialization as a journal using AKKA toolkit. It will happen once
the data changed, but I've no idea when does it happen? For example, a data
store writing operation will write the given data into the in-memory
DataStore, but I don't know whether this transaction return immediately
when successfully write into the in-memory DataStore or return till merge
into the hard-disk.

2.What's the difference In-Memory DataStore and Distributed DataStore?
It looks like Distributed DataStore implement DOMStore interface so that
replace In-Memory DataStore, as a result, it uses ShardTransaction which is
an actor to serialize data and then write into hard-disk. Is my
understanding correct?

Many thanks for any advice.

Best Regards,
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