[OpenDaylight Discuss] making error messages more useful

Colin Dixon colin at colindixon.com
Thu May 12 14:33:27 UTC 2016

At the developer design forum, I noted that it's really, really hard in
OpenDaylight to figure out where to go for help if you are a user or
developer outside the community (and sometimes even if you are inside the

One idea I had then was to automatically put the mailing list for the
project who's code generated the log message as part of the output for
certain log levels (WARN, ERROR, and SEVERE would seem to make sense at

Many people thought this would be a good/easy first step, but might have
unexpected consequences, e.g., punishing projects with good error checking
for catching bugs in how people use their APIs, but it seems like even then
it might quickly encourage more meaningful error messages that could be
handled faster by developers and users.

Another recent idea I had would be to automatically create a database of
all log messages and what line of code in what file in what project prints
them. It seems like we could pretty quickly mock that up using Java Parser
[0] to find all calls to the relevant functions on org.slf4j classes.

At least then, users could have some idea about how to map log messages
back to projects and help in understanding what's going on.

Thoughts? Should we set up a TWS to talk through it? Any takers for helping
with the work?


[0] https://github.com/javaparser/javaparser
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