[nemo-dev] Cross project collaboration initiative - NIC, GBP and NEMO

George Zhao George.Y.Zhao at huawei.com
Fri Sep 4 19:50:41 UTC 2015


I think a lot of people notice that NIC, GBP, NEMO etc share a lot in common, while in this morning's NIC weekly meeting, Dave Lenrow and others think some of the discussions should be at community level rather than limited to a single project. I would like to start an email thread discussions on what will be the best way to collaborate these projects into a consistent OpenDaylight solution that will benefit everyone.

Everyone is welcome for your opinion, this discussion is not necessarily limited to Beryllium, but with the question in mind: what would we like to provide to ODL users.

Please also give me your suggestions how we can do this discussions effectively, IRC, WebEX or by email.

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