[neutron-dev] [WEATHER]: neutron northbound rename tenant-id to project-id

Isaku Yamahata isaku.yamahata at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 23:26:58 UTC 2016

Neutron Northbound: rename tenant-id to project-id

Rename tenant-id member to project-id in yang model and related structures.
As openstack neutron supports keystone v3 and is deprecating keystone v2,
tenant-id is renamed to project-id. So will ODL Neutron Northbound.

As migration, this rename will be done as two steps.
1) add project-id into related yang models and related java structures.
   Both tenant-id and project-id will be populated with same value
   (except format).
2) remove tenant-id

With the first step, no breakage is expected. the first step will be
done in Carbon cycle. With the second step, dependent project that
still uses tenant-id will break. The fix will be mechanical to use
project-id instead of tenant-id. The schedule for the removal step
isn't determined yet. It would be in Nitrogen or Oxygen cycle to follow ODL
deprecation process.

Reported By: Isaku Yamahata,
             Email: isaku.yamahata at gmail.com, IRC: yamahata, ID:yamahata
Reported On: Dec 7, 2016
Link to e-mail reporting it: N/A
Links to opened bugs: N/A
Links to patches: N/A
Expected date patches will be merged: the schedule isn't determined yet.
                                      Probably in Nitrogen or Oxygen
Example output showing the error: N/A
Steps to Reproduce: N/A
Proposed Solution: use project-id instead of tenant-id
Proposed Workaround: N/A
Isaku Yamahata <isaku.yamahata at gmail.com>

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