[release] Creating a autorelease validate job to test pom sanity

Thanh Ha thanh.ha at linuxfoundation.org
Tue Nov 10 20:01:58 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I was talking to Colin yesterday at the hackfest we discussed the
possibility of creating a validate autorelease job that should catch our
most common reason for autorelease failing which is projects setting maven
parents for a previous release.

If we create a Jenkins job which can run "mvn clean validate" that runs in
parallel with a project's verify job we should be able to catch this type
of issue pretty quick. The trick though is we'd need to bootstrap the job
as mvn clean validate does not work out of the box against opendaylight
since there's some project level dependencies that require building to get.

I did a quick test today and believe at minimal we need to bootstrap the
following projects / artifacts before running mvn clean validate.

cd odlparent && mvn clean install -T1.5C -DskipTests=true && cd ..
cd yangtools && mvn clean install -T1.5C -DskipTests=true && cd ..

cd controller/opendaylight/commons/checkstyle && mvn clean install && cd
cd controller/opendaylight/config/config-artifacts && mvn clean install &&
cd ../../../..
cd controller/opendaylight/md-sal/mdsal-artifacts && mvn clean install &&
cd ../../../..

cd mdsal/common/artifacts && mvn clean install && cd ../../..
cd mdsal/model/artifacts && mvn clean install && cd ../../..

cd controller/config/yang-test-plugin && mvn clean install && cd ../../../..

mvn clean validate

At this point mvn clean validate runs in 20s so I figure the job should
take about as long as it takes to build odlparent + yangtools which
skipTests enabled.

I'll see about converting this to a JJB so we can test against our Jenkins


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